Pololu Valley Lookout

Photography by GP

Pololu Valley Lookout is located on the Big Isle of Hawaii in the Honokane Nui Valley along the Kohala Coast and the view is absolutely gorgeous!

Pololū means long spear, and carves a long cleave on the northern side of Kohala Mountain. This magnificent wild valley is at the head of the Kohala Coast, apparently the oldest part of the island with deeply in-cut valleys towering over picturesque beaches.

It’s located at the end of hwy 270.

I suggest travelling by car, motorcycle or even a bicycle in the early morning, as parking for cars is very limited.  Be sure to check it out on a dry sunny day, especially if you plan to hike down the slop to have lunch or take a nap on the beach.

If you plan on hiking down the sloped dirt path that leads to the beautiful valley floor on the beach; and across the cool connected river and over to the next valley, your going to need a few essentials to make the hike a little easier:

  • hiking shoes or non-skid athletic shoes

  • walking stick

  • sun block

  • a gallon of water for yourself

  • protein snacks, sandwiches or Cliff Shot Energy Gel Razz

  • Sunglasses

  • bandana or a hat

  • first-aid kit

The hike provides a sublime adventure in this special place.

Bring your camera!