It’s Cinco De Mayo wha whoo!  In the United States it is widely known as a celebration of Mexican-American culture filled with margaritas, tacos and tons of fun.

I would be celebrating but, my memories today run deeper than drinking margaritas and eating tacos.

You see, I lost a parent on this day and I am in mourning.

She was a wonderful woman and taught us well. Her favorite hobby was gardening and I have picked up her favorite hobby. This weekend in her honor, a rose-bush will be planted. Why a rose plant?  Because they last forever.

Everyone has a way of remembering their loved ones. This is the way our family remembers her.

I remember this so vividly……the day after her memorial….we all stood in the yard looking at her beautiful flowers….the tall black-eyed suzannes, the 10-year-old white sage bush, the tall sunflowers, clematis, zinnias, petunias, daisies, baby breath, yellow daisies, tulips, poppies and wild flowers. It was a warm, beautiful, sunny, partly cloudy day, with a little wind. In the reflection of my brother’s bedroom window was our mother looking out at us, waving and smiling at the three of us. We stood there until she flew up to heaven. It was so incredible, it still brings tears to my eyes.

God works in mysteries ways.

Our mother died of the Big C. She was diagnosed six months earlier after returning from a vacation with our father. We all were in shock. She also had a rare blood disease, where blood would just disappear from her body. She went in several times in the past few years for blood transfusion. So, she decided that she could not tolerate chemo and radiation. There was no way to change her mind. We all tried until we were spent. We stayed with her every day since her diagnosis. She stayed at home. We all celebrated her life with her until her passing.

Her wish was to be cremated.

Her presence is still here, as she sits in a sunny window, over looking a small garden, that I attend as she speaks to me while I prepare it for the Spring and Summer.

Happy Cinco De Mayo Mama.

We love you!