Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools are awesome!

Owning a pool for the first time in my life and keeping it clean has been a challenge and a lot of fun. If your good with chemistry, then you’ll get the hang of the water balance pretty quick.

I have found that it is pretty tough to keep all the chemicals at an equal balance where the water is perfect. LoL Good luck!

Chlorine free and Stabilizer are the two toughest to keep stable. Chlorine is needed to keep the algae in control. So, the more chlorine the better. But, if you have too much chlorine then, one will have to add more chlorine free shock before adding the stabilizer to keep the free chlorine balanced.

The pH and alkalinity are easy to balance. Then there is hardness and copper to balance. Did you know that copper comes from rain? All the chemical trails coming out of the air planes have some sort of copper and other chemicals. So, one must use Copper out to get the copper out of the water.

So, your thinking about having a pool party. Great! A challenge is to keep the water perfect before the party. Check all chemicals and add what you need at night and keep the filter going. Follow all instructions for all chemicals. Never mix chemicals and add them at the same time. A dangerous chemical reaction could occur. Its best to add chemicals after the sun is off the pool. Sun, eats up the chemicals. Rain affects the pool as well. It’s not rocket science to keep the pool clean. It just takes patience and time.

Open the pool early in the Spring and close late August or September. I only say this because pool season seems very short. Some people keep the pool open all season. If you have a Solar or furnace heater for the pool then, yes, keep it open all Winter. That’s definitely a challenge for anyone who has mega time on their hands.

The photo on the left is a clean pool. The photo on the right is someone relaxing near the clean pool.

I recommend keeping enough fresh chemicals on hand for your pool all Summer.

Order enough shock to use every week. Use either 1″ or 3″ chlorine tabs for the filter container and the pool floater. Buy a lot of stabilizer if you think you can keep the pool perfect. Buy copper out. Purchase your chemical at Doheny’s Pool Supply (Kenosha, Wisconsin) an excellent pool supply store.

Once you feel your pool is safe enough to swim, jump in and spend all day in it.Heck, even invite friends over and have a party.


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