My Big Catch

A Grocery Store named Aldi, which has many locations around theĀ United StatesĀ has an excellent choice of products.

One day last Summer, I ventured out to their new grocery store location. They had a Grand Opening in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Just a bit south of me. I read that they were selling a bunch of products to lure shoppers in and to keep them returning.

So, when I received the Grand Opening flyer in the mail, I drove immediately to purchase what my eyes devoured.

The Big Catch, my Big Catch!

A whole halved Atlantic Salmon for $12.00.

I scooped one package up and brought it home to grill. It was the biggest fish I caught last Summer. Lol

The flavor was fresh and bold, just as if, I caught it myself.

I was first going to attempt to grill the whole fish skin side down, but remembered, I was not equipped with a large enough metal, grill spatula.

So, I cut the fish carefully into five even pieces and prepared them for the grill.

The spices I chose to coat the fish were from another well known grocery store called, Trader Joe’s.

The spices I used were


BBQ Rub and Seasoning



Chile Lime Seasoning Blend

Both spices were superb on the fish!

The fish grilled about 12-15 mins until each piece was just perfect.

Each grilled fish piece was placed back onto the glass fish plate, the same way it looked when it was whole.

Everyone loved it!

If anyone would like the recipe just ask.