2017-2018 Virus Epidemic

Happy 2018 everyone.

I hope everyone is healthy and has either had the virus or is now ending the virus. It was just announced last week that its an epidemic, because of the fact that 20 kids have gone to heaven.

Even the flu shot has not helped ward off the virus.

I have been fighting the virus now for two weeks and have lost weight, because my appetite went south.

I tried just consuming chicken or veggie broth, but that just made me loose it in the shower. Not a pretty site.

Since that shower incident I have not been able to consume solid foods up until two days ago.

I really feel that the virus I contracted was from eating the wrong foods.

Since I lost so much weight, I feel much better. Thou, I still have the nastiest cough ever and only can walk a very short distance  without coughing up a lung.

Being over 30, coughing also triggers some other unpleasant uncontrollable issues.

So, I have been doing loads of laundry lately.

I hope this is the last week of the virus for me. I miss a lot of my family members and need to visit them.

I have some tips for those of  you that may still have the virus or have just contracted the virus.

Here are the tips:

Drink plenty of liquids. Hot Tea, Hot Water with Lemon, Orange Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kombucha, etc..

No Cheese, Milk, Coffee, Soda, Sugar, Corn or bread.

Sleep all day.

Here is a good get well mixture.

Make some hot water, dice up one fresh garlic glove, a half inch of fresh ginger, juice of one whole lemon, raw honey and echinacea tea bag. Place all into a mug and drink it three time a day. Eat the garlic if you are brave enough.

Get well soon…

Happy Health

Let’s eat healthy in 2018



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