Snow Blowing

Hey everyone, I love snow. How about you?

I live in the depths of Wisconsin where the snow is fluffy and soft.

The first year I hired a snowplow company to plow my driveway. The company assured me that they could get the job done.

After many calls into the company about the service, I finally decided to purchase a snowblower for next years snow fall and do it myself.

I searched up, down, left and right for a decent inexpensive snowblower that would not break my bank.

Did you know that there are very large to small snowblowers and all the in between sizes? 12″-46″ that is the length of snowblower of which it breaks down the snow and makes it into powder snow.

Well, after all my research and the size of my driveway, I finally decided to buy a used 24″ Yard Machine by MTD with 5hp and that has forward and reverse.

The nice man brought it by my house, because who has a car that can carry a snowblower? Who can even lift a snowblower?

The man who lifted it off his truck is a fireman. Strong and versatile.

Anyway, he lifted it out and proceeded to tell me how to start it and how you work the forward, reverse, choke, primer and idle. He guaranteed it will run all Winter.

So, I bought the beastly machine for $220. All I needed to do was put gas in it.

It has one spark plug….lol….I am laughing because it seems so simple to fix if it starts puttering out. Maybe just change the spark plug.

It snowed a few weeks ago where I could actually take my new toy out and mow my driveway.(laughing)

I dressed with layers of clothes. A t-shirt, a Henley, a sweater and a hooded coat. I just wore sweats and socks with warm boots and a hat. No gloves.

I ran to my garage and rolled the heavy snowblower out onto my oddly shaped driveway and proceeded to try and remember how to start the gadget. It’s basically like starting a go cart.

I am staring at all the levers and finally realize that the instructions are etched into the handle. Thank goodness!

Push the plastic key in, turn the throttle and idle all the way up and pull the cord.

Va Va Va Vroom, Yes Yes Yes!

It started in one pull! So I let it idle for five minutes to warm up the engine. Then, off I was; pushing the snowblower up and down the driveway. Not really thinking if I am doing it right. Laughing at myself for wondering why I am pushing so hard when the guy who sold it to me said it’s automatic, no pushing. Lol lol lol

Well, I did not engage the motor. Oh crickets! Laughing at myself.

Finally engaged it into the fourth speed and it rolled like a snail up and down the drive way. I am thinking this will take all day. Do. I want to be outside all day? No!

So, I crank it into the highest speed and it’s go go go. Turn the outlet hose for the snow to blow left or right, easy.

Tootling up, tootling down. Wow, this is great exercise and it’s kind of fun.

Imagine me walking behind the snowblower, the snow is blowing out the tube away from me and then all of a sudden a brisk wind comes and it’s a blizzard in my face, even thou, it’s not snowing outside. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Well, I did not expect this to happen; and it happened over and over again.

When I was finished with the driveway, I looked like the abdominal snowman. Completely covered in snow and I smelled like a mechanic.

Wow! What an experience.

I did enjoy it at the beginning and was happy that I accomplished something that day. But, the snow covering me completely felt like I made snow angles for an hour.

How does this compare to shoveling?

It’s way easier then pushing and lifting snow. It’s still a back breaker, thou!

There is no way to avoid ending up like an abdominal snowman.

Keep dry, no way!

In the end, I had a great time breathing the cold air and building up my whale fat to withstand more cold weather, for the next snowblower event. Yes! It is quite the event!

Ran inside to strip of my completely wet and frozen clothes. Yeah, sweat & snow turns to ice people. (Laughing)

Jumped into the shower to rid of my new mechanic cologne and defrost my bones, even thou I was hot as heck. I figured a good warm shower would help reduce my hotness and defrost everything else. I was surprised even after my warm shower I was still sweating. But, I wrapped back up in sweats and a long sleeve Henley, knowing at some point I would feel cold soon.

Finally, thawed completely out after eating a hot vegan meal and drinking a hot blueberry tea.

I look forward to my next snow-blowing adventure and may even wear leaf bags to prevent the adoring abdominal snowman look!


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