A Rare Bass Guitar, Ashbory by Fender


Introducing the Rare Ashbory Bass guitar by #Fender…….

The fretless Ashbory Bass with its silk screen finger-board pattern, markers and dot inlays is the most innovative stringed bass instrument to come about in the last 25 years. And; the most distinctive electric bass since the original Fender Precision bass guitar. The basic sound of an Ashbory Bass resembles an upright bass, but is more responsive and versatile.  Even thou it states fret-less, it does have 24 frets as seen in the photographs.

Originally produced by the brand Guild, DeArmond, it offers awesome sounds to bassists that are tired of playing clones of the same instrument. The solid one piece body and neck is 30″ long and weighs 2#’s. It’s easy to travel with and also to wear over another instrument. The signature silicone rubber strings produce a low-end response like an upright bass.

The Ashbory bass has master volume, bass & treble controls. Plus, it features active circuitry which allows an array of tones. Talcum Powder up your playing fingers for easy glide action or use baby powder for a bow like sound of a violin or turn up the treble and play the strings closest to the bridge for a punchy sound. One can adjust the treble and the bass controls for your unique sound. Ashbory has a patented pre-amp power transducers and any configuration will yield a low signal-noise ratio.

The Bass allows you to play as fast as you want, because it is short and allows you to play quick, without missing a beat. Also, just tap the silicone strings for sound. The strings are blister free.

I originally  purchased the Ashbory bass guitar from a shop owner in Hilo, Hawaii for around $300. The ukulele shop guy was happy to sell it. He stated that no one knew how to play it because it has silicone strings. He definitely was happy to finally sell it.

I played it on and off for about six years. Then, finally decided that I was not born to play the bass. So, I sold it on #Ebay the other day.

The new owner is about to receives it by USPS soon.

Good luck new owner of a Rare Ashbory Bass made by Fender.


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