Talk Story: Big Island Hawaii

The Old Man & the Sea

The Old Man at Sea

Upon traveling to the big island of Hawaii, many times in the past 10 years, I have come across some really interesting beaches with many photographic opportunities. Take a look at the title of the photograph above, “The Old Man at Sea”. It really looks like a person holding a wooden cane. I solved the mystery of the legend, in Hawaii!

Lava Tree State Park

Green Giant Trees

Lava Tree State Park is locate in Pahoa, Hawaii along Pahoa-Kapoho Road. It preserves lava molds of the tree trunks that were formed when a lava flow swept through a forested area in 1790. The trees are called O’hia trees. There is 17.1 acres of native plants, trees and many lava tree molds, which still exist today. If, you are planning a trip to the big island of Hawaii, be sure to visit Lava Tree State Park.

Coconut Trees

Coconut Haven

Upon driving many hidden roads in the Puna district, you will find coconut trees along many roads. I call them wild coconut trees only because no one is taking care of them. Many of the wild coconut tress have fallen branches and old coconuts. Sometimes, if your lucky you will find a sprouted coconut right beneath the tree. It’s an old coconut that sprouted a growth to becoming a new tree. Sprouted coconuts are edible and fun to eat. The texture inside the coconut shell is the like an edible sponge. It’s a lot of work to get through a sprouted coconut shell, but it is totally worth the effort!

Shade amoung the hot Hawaiian Sun

Hawaii Roads: The Enchanted Red Road in Pahoa on the Big Island

How did Red Rd get it’s name? Back in the day it used to be paved with red cinder gravels, now it is paved with black asphalt, but local residents still affectionately call it the Red Road. Red Rd starts from the outdoor kava kava bar/new black sands beach area and runs all the way to pohiki, a local surf area. The road follows the rugged coastline, curving very close to the edge of the cliffs where waves are crashing below, sometimes it burrows through a dense tree tunnel where dangling jungle vines softly touch the roof of your car. The road takes you through rocky lava fields, lush coconut groves, tropical rain forests, old plantations, black sand beaches (popular local surfing spot), peaceful ocean side parks, and some quaint residential neighborhoods. The winding one-lane road is barely wide enough for two cars to pass each other. Look for colorful patches of wild impatiens, fruit and coconuts along the roadside and whimsical wind-sculpted trees that remind you of a Tolkien fantasy novel. There are many stops along the road like the Queens Bath and a camping area. Be sure to venture to Puna for old Hawaiian fun.

The photographs above are about living on your wild side, away from the tourists regular hangouts. Hawaii is about adventure. Paradise is Hawaii. Everyone is very nice and full of aloha. Try and get to know some of the local and maybe you will venture to a beautiful waterfall or an ocean cave.

Be adventurous and add the Big Island of Hawaii to your bucket list!



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