Traveling or Moving to Hawaii?

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Traveling or thinking of moving to the Big Island of Hawaii?

Here are a few things about Hawaii . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It’s hot in Hawaii, 80-90 degrees. hot! Some evenings depending on where you reside, it gets as cool as 65 degrees or even lower in Volcano, Hawaii.

You will be loving that you can were slippahs (flip-flops), T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses every day, because it’s always hot and sunny.

It’s expensive, but cheaper than California or Las Vegas. You will learn how to stretch your $ once you get to your Island location. Housing and electric will be your highest costs, unless you live off grid without the amenities of the rich and famous.

Everyone in Hawaii is a minority and that is perfect. Maybe that’s why it’s called the land of Aloha.

The ocean is beautiful but can be dangerous at the same time. When in doubt, do not go out. Never turn your back to the ocean. Always, swim with another, so they can help you if you feel you cannot help yourself. If, you decide to move to Paradise be sure to make the ocean a part of your daily swim and treat it with respect. Just as you would treat your mother with respect.

When and if you finally move to Hawaii, most of your mainland friends will forget about you. So, if that happens, just invite them to the island.

I have heard there are nine seasons or zero seasons in Hawaii. Well, that makes no sense. Hawaii does get snow on the mountains in the city called, Volcano. Summer is always near like in Kailua-Kona. It’s hot hot hot. Some of the other islands are always warm with no snow. I like all weather myself. So, the Big Island of Hawaii was the best for me.

The locals are very nice, but may not like you at first. Do not let that discourage you from making friends or asking for information. The Hawaiians are very very nice. They like to make you their friends only if you have moved to Hawaii. I thought that was odd. But, it really makes a lot of sense. I found it pretty easy to make friends when I was there for a year and I still have many friends on the island. We keep in touch as we can.

Your family back home will secretly hate you for living in Hawaii. Just do it, is what I say. Be yourself and do for yourself.

Your diet will definitely change and you may gain health while living on the island. The island has all fresh fruit and vegetables. When I returned from the islands I gained mega weight. Trying to keep it off is a pain. But, in Hawaii the air is fresh and you fell alive. You will be eating fresh fruit, veggies and fish. The pristine environment just makes you feel healthier because the sun shines every day and you feel more active then on the mainland.

You will never want to leave the Hawaiian Islands.

So, stay and make friends. When you get invited to a potluck, always bring a puu puu (appetizer), take your shoes off when entering their home, and sit and listen to their talk stories. They talk about the ancient Hawaiian days.

The elderly are treated like King and Queens. They will give you a hug as a hello and a goodbye. They are full of love.

Hawaii gives you energy, health and a long life because everything you consume, drink and experience is full of life.

Hawaii is the sunshine that everyone is missing from their life.




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  1. Now I want to move to Hawaii! California has beautiful beaches, but water so cold, & yes, it’s coastal areas are just for the rich. I can always retire in the Philippines though, similar beaches, but way, way cheaper. May all our dreams come true

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  2. Great information
    You definitely know a lot about the island and sounds like you would love to go back.