Are Toys Obsolete?

Are toys obsolete or have we as a nation just made it impossible for kids to have fun anymore?

Happy birthday cousin, we bought you an iPhone. We feel that being 2 years old is old enough for a cellphone. Hey, are you to busy to spend time with your kids?

That is really the problem with the toy industry. Every second is a now now addiction. Push this button, push that button. Snap!

Well, we can all agree on one thing here….we know how to push buttons and so do kids. Push your parents buttons long enough you qualify for a digital gadget to keep busy and out of your parents hair. No wonder so many kids are diagnosed with ADD. It’s really sad.

Toys R Us is closing all it’s stores by the end of April 2018.

Why? Apparently, people love to order items online. They get that satisfaction of the now. I need it now, I want it now. Ship it now. Now Now Now….Sounds like a line from the movie, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Who was the first to introduce computers to kids, does anyone know?

Your kids want faster entertainment, stick them with an iPad, hopefully they are doing something productive for their minds instead of playing a game. Not a cup of tea for my kids.

My kids love playing outside and discovering things in reality.

Does anyone realize that the digital world has literally closed down several stores where people have lost their jobs.

Who knows what a 3-D computer is used to accomplish?

And, soon we can be digitally connected in our cars 24/7. No need to drive yourself when the self driven cars will be your chauffeur and butler. Heck just spend your day in your auto-driven car.

Do you see reality sinking?

The reality of life is being digitally connected. Very sad.

Who here knows what is happening around us in the world?

Have you read about the new WiFi connections instead of using electricity?

Do you realize global warming is coming from our use of computers?

Imagine if all homes were connected to only WiFi and all of a sudden the WiFi network shut down from overload. Now what?

Honey what did you do with the electrical extension cords?  I threw them out when we switched everything to WiFi. Ugh!

Hey kids the internet is down for life. Go outside and play. What’s outside dad?

Reality! Caveman/women fun.

Get dirty go dig and see where the line is damaged. Don’t come back until your dirty and starving. Once you have found it, fix it and refill the holes.

Hard work starts from action, not a push of a button.

Not sure where I was going with this article, but it makes sense.

Who is sad to see the toy icon, Toys R US going out of business?

The best item to purchase which will gain value is Geoffrey the Giraffe. Be sure to buy one and treasure it forever.

The actually foot store will be obsolete, but will remain online, for the I want it now crowd.

Who has grown up before the digital toy age?

What was your favorite game growing up?

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