Making Organic Garlic Powder

It’s about time we do something that may bring warmer days and sunshine. Let’s make something and get more active with home made powders. They are better for us, anyway. No additives like the store bought garlic powder.

This is a very easy process and it’s satisfying, too.

How much garlic powder would you like to make?

Start with organic garlic. Organic garlic is east to spot. Look for white garlic bulbs that have a cut root at the bottom. Another way to tell if its organic garlic, is to place a few garlic bulbs in a small amount of water, root side down and let it sit for a week. If, a root starts to grow out the bottom, its organic. Heck! Go ahead and plant them, too. There is nothing like home grown fresh garlic.

Back to the preparing garlic for your home made garlic powder.

Gather as many bulbs as you would like and peel them all.

Then, slice the garlic bulbs into one cm slices. This helps to dehydrate them evenly.

Spread them onto the dehydrating racks and turn the dehydrator or your oven to the lowest setting. They have to sit in either appliance for 24 hours.

After one day, take them out. The garlic will be dry. Place into a spice grinder and grind into a powder or your desired grind. The garlic powder is ready to use.

You will love it and want to continue to make your own all the time.

We will be doing this tomorrow and at that time I will be taking photos and posting the process for you.

Let’s get our garlic on!