Mother’s Day 5/12/2018

Hi Mom! 

Beautiful Garden

Mom & her Magnificent Garden of her Glory

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mama…… I love you!

I wish you peace today and hope you can see that we are all doing wonderfully. We miss you loads. We have planted many flowers and rose bushes in memory of you and your beautiful garden.

I will be spreading Wild Flower mix between the trees and randomly on all other areas of the lawn. 

You had the most beautiful garden of all mom! Your giant Sunflower plants from the 70’s, the giant White Sage bush that lasted 12 years, all the annuals and bulb flowers; The herbs and Cherry Trees…etc..

Here at a later date will be a list of all the flowers and plants my mother had in her garden.

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Have a beautiful Day and remember we are all still looking up to you, as we all did when we were growing up. Love you mama

Happy Mother’s Day to all my followers and everyone who loves to read!




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