Summer to do List is Longer than….

Summer 2018

Beach is down the block but, when is the time?

Happy Summer to all my followers…..

Time has flown around and around. Have you ever heard that phrase before?

This is what it means….

Yes, I have plenty of time to hang with you at the beach or a movie or dinner. Then….

boing!!! No Sorry, I cannot hang with you this weekend.

Something else to fix at the house popped up and it needs immediate attention.

Yes, it’s been week after week where my list has become so long that it may take up my whole Summer. It’s a bummer, but a home cannot wait.

What needs to be done?

I prepared the outdoor pipes last Winter as I thought I did it right. Nope!

Here is what needs to be done:

Turn off the main water shutoff valve for the outdoor hose lines. It should be located in your basement.

Then, open all the outdoor hose faucets, including an outdoor sink, if you have one.

Then, go to the highest ground where you have the highest sprocket and inject your line with some anti-freeze. That should do the trick and prevent any copper pipes from bursting.

Well yes, I did all that just to find a tiny slit in a copper pipe close to the ground. Who designed this? Best advise is do not use copper pipes to hookup outdoor plumbing.

I just moved here two years ago and its been this after that after this. So fixing as much as possible this Summer.

First up:

The in ground pool that was built in the 60’s. A kidney bean design that has a drop off like a mini cliff. It’s very difficult to get the right angle for the depth photo. But, I need to make a know rope to be able to climb in and out. Otherwise I would be stuck down there without food and water. Laughing out loud, just thinking about it.

Go to next article for the pool.


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