Where Have I Been?

Happy Halloween!

Welcome back to a blog that writes it like its real.

Everyone has there own perspective of thinking and no one thinks alike at all.

So, let’s proceed with my whereabouts……….

My parents met back in the day, 1950’s, and married shortly after. Had two kids, myself and my brother. We are Irish twins. (Research Irish Twins). We grew up like everyone else, shopping at the Salvation Army; And moved up from there to middle class status. My brother and I went to NTE in a north suburb of Chicago, Illinois. We both graduated a year apart. He went off to Dekalb, Illinois and I moved up to Senior yr and then graduated in ’81. I had had enough school for a while and merged into the working class at 17 yrs old. I earned enough mulaa to purchase a car. It was not just any car. It was a Volkswagon Rabbit 4 door Hatchback stick shift. Awesome!!!! I now had wheels to drive anywhere I wanted. FREEDOM!

More to come………


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