Where Have I Been Part 2…

Hey hi….over here!

It’s me again. Can you see me? No?

Well I can see that you may be reading this because you are wondering where I have been for the last 3-5 months.

I have been with my dad! We have had loads are great moments in the past and thank goodness my memories are all very fresh up in my noggin.

He took flight to heaven a few weeks back. A natural death, as age caught up with his gentle soul and grandeur attitude about life.

I have everything close to my heart.

He left me many messages on my vm and I took to listening to a few today. I had to stop and take a break and breath. I went through a whole box of Kleenex. ( that Kleenex ad was short lived lol).

I will have more time to write now as well as work on somethings that I let go stale.

I know he is here with me, always. He went up to heaven to be with my mom. They are flying overhead together. Looking downward & smiling.

Just have to keep moving and keep busy!

Look for some recipes to follow for the holidays. I am hoping that someone will take the time to make something I share from simple to way out there, where its an all day cook-a- thon. I know there are cooks out there with as much passion as I have for cooking.

Let’s cook until we no longer can take the heat!

See you all soon…..

Last Snow Fall of 2017 Happened in April 2018

November 2018’s First Snow

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