How to Block Annoying Phone Numbers on your iPhone & iPad

How to block unknown callers on iPhone and iPad.

Method 1 – Block Unknown Callers

  • 1.Tap Phone icon
  • 2.Tap Contacts
  • 3.Then Tap (+) Symbol at the upper right of your screen
  • 4.Type Unknown Caller for the name and then tap done
  • 5.Tap Block this caller. Then tap block contact in the box to confirm this action.

Method 2 – Block No Caller ID Calls

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Scroll down to find ‘Do Not Disturb’ then tap it
  3. Enable’Do Not Disturb’
  4. Then tap allow call from All Contacts (this action will block all calls not in your contact list)

Method 3 – Block No Caller ID Calls

  1. Tap phone icon
  2. Tap keypad
  3. Type 10 Zero’s (000-000-0000)
  4. Tap add number
  5. Tap Create new contact
  6. Enter (No Caller ID) as contact name
  7. Tap Done
  8. Then Block the contact
  9. Tap Contacts
  10. Find No Caller ID
  11. Scroll down to ‘block this caller’
  12. Block it This will block the numbers that come from 000-000-0000 callers.

Method 4 – Block the phone number Unknown Caller

  1. Tap Phone icon
  2. Tap Recents
  3. Tap (i symbol) near to the phone number you want to block
  4. There you can see Block this Caller option
  5. Tap Block this caller

Method 5 – Use Silent Ringtone for Unknown Caller’s

  1. Download a silent ringtone to your iPhone
  2. Then, set that ringtone as a default ringtone on your iPhone
  3. Then, set a different ringtone for your contacts on your iPhone (now the phone will be silent when you get a call from unknown callers)

Method 6 – Enable Do Not Disturb

1.Launch Settings

2. Scroll down to find Do Not Disturb

3.Tap it

4.Enable Do Not Disturb

5.Scroll down to find repeated calls

6.Turn it on (this will silence the same repeated phone number)

If all this is still not helping you can put your cellphone number on the National Do Not Call Registry ( You will have to repeat this every year.

Good Luck

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