Life Before Becoming An eBay Seller

Once upon a time….. I was a regular schmo working a regular schmo job. It was a cool job because I was doing research every day and writing briefs and helping others save money. Then one day, I asked my boss if I could work from Hawaii for one year. Yes! Hawaii. It happened and I was off to the Big Island of Hawaii. The hours were quite different from the mainland, I got up at 3am to start work. A five hour difference. Not too bad thou, because I only had to work until noon, mainland time. Four hours on my regular salary. It was a much needed break after my mother passed away from cancer. Watching her get weaker and weaker in front of all of us. Then, one day it happened. She passed away and the angels guided her up to heaven. That is how I ended up in Hawaii. I spent a year in Hawaii with a friend and tooled around the Island in a Toyota 4 Runner. A pretty beat up auto. I was able to drive everywhere like, on road and off-road, over the lava rocks, gravel, dirt, mud and grass. It was a long ride and the vacation went fast.

Later that year at the end of 2005, I flew back to the mainland and resumed my daily routine from 8-4pm for about 7 more years.

Then, I left and where do you think I went? Hawaii 🙂 Yes, back to the Big island of Hawaii in mid May 2012. I stayed in Hawaii until early August of 2013. I returned home where my dad lived and stayed with him. He stated he missed me so, that’s why I flew back. I missed him too. After all we both had to see my mother suffer and we both missed her. At least we had each other. When I returned I had an end of the Summer party with all my friends. Guess what the theme was? Hawaii! I bet you knew that already.

So, it was late August 2013 and the party started. Everyone asked about my hiatus and I responded, not long enough. But, I came back because I missed every single one of you, including my dad, brother and his wife. My dad asked his dear friend to join us for the party and even the best neighbor ever came over to have a good time. Who was the chef? We catered it and ate Italian. The best Italian place in Chicago, Pasta D’Arte on Milwaukee Ave. Everyone loved the food.

The evening had ended and everyone left with their belly’s full of laughter, drink and food. We gave out, to go plates for anyone that wanted leftovers. I cleaned up the whole kitchen and my dad went to bed. The next evening my dad and I roasted some marshmallows over the fire pit while watching the night sky together. I asked him about the stars as I had always done and he began, well the big dipper as you know is always located by the North Star, it’s in the shape of a kite with a string of trailing stars. Then he would continue talking about the small dipper and on and on he went. I sat there looking up at the stars and dreaming about when I was little and how he would explain them all the same way. My dad was so kind and gentle. The best dad ever. Now when I look up into the sky I can imagine my dad telling me all the stories of the stars. I love you dad. I will see meet you in the night sky among the stars when its my time.

Next chapter. Keeping busy, keep busy, make a list and continue to strive for happiness, even thou part of your happiness is in heaven. He is watching you and will guide you every day. Just believe. Look up to the stars every night and watch for me (dad). I am the brightest star in the North Sky.

Days went on and I needed to so something that would keep me busy most of the day. This is when, I decided to re-open my eBay store. The first item I sold was a Fender Traveling Bass guitar. I was hooked. It sold on auction to the highest bidder. Oh my gosh that was heaven. I just continued to sell items that I no longer used. It’s become an obsession really and I love it.

eBay has changed a lot since I first open my store back in the 80’s. It’s all high tech with many pages of information. It’s really a book online with lots of nooks and cranny’s. It’s best to have a friend help you out to get back on track. But, it’s also simple. Yes, you can post in a few minutes but, you do have to read how to post, along with reading about the fees. Those are tricky but, once you get the hang of it, your free. Selling left selling right, selling selling selling. I am by no means, one of the selling machines. I am just me. You do not have to pay anyone to learn how to do eBay. Just look at eBay like this, your own online garage sale. All the traffic is either created by you or you start promoting one or two items through eBay’s platform.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Create a Store name
  2. Create a logo
  3. Create a design or photograph something related to your store for a header picture.
  4. Have items to sell
  5. Research item costs in eBay or on the internet
  6. Sell for a fair price
  7. Be sure to have free shipping at the beginning of your store opening and free returns
  8. Price right to cover all fees (13% eBay+PayPal) fees of purchase price and fees for shipping
  9. Purchase or sell items between 1 and 13 ounces. (first class)
  10. Use the USPS Priority Flat Rate Padded Bags for all items over 14 ounces.
  11. Ship fragile items in a square box with padding and protective packaging. Mark the box fragile with a red marker
  12. has free supplies more so, then your local post office
  13. Buy packing tape
  14. Print out shipping labels through eBay, soon you will get shipping discounts.
  15. To start getting reviews buy items from other sellers, so they can leave reviews for you. It builds reputability for your store.
  16. Use the eBay shipping calculator to find out what you will profit after all fees are subtracted (online)
  17. Start listing only ten items, then eBay will give you more once you start to sell them off.
  18. Keep an itemized list of purchases and shipping costs
  19. Study eBays sales and trending market
  20. Have a plan and follow through if this is going to be your new gig for income

Have fun doing eBay, it’s a very easy, but sometimes overwhelming platform. Search YouTube for online resellers that sell on eBay and also host their own shows. They help other reseller’s get on track to success. Here are a few that I watch on a regular bases to gain new knowledge every day.

Katy & Vikki, The Auction Professor, Garage Flips, Amber Resells, Bonafide Hustler, Craigslist Hunter, Crazy Lamp Lady, eBay Sales Mastery, Garage Flips, Hustle at Home Mom, Kathy Terrill- I Love To Be Selling, Paper and Moose, Taco Stacks, Ralli Roots, Resale Rabbit, Selling on eBay, Suzanne A. Wells and several others.

The list above will help you out tremendously if your looking to understand what it takes to become a reseller. I watch Katy and Vikki all the time because they have several different kinds of youtube shows about selling on eBay and some other platforms. They are always up to date on the ins and outs of everything eBay.

I wrote some other notes to share but I have misplaced them. If you have any questions about anything, just ask. I would be happy to help you and what I do not know I can find among YouTube.

Selling has helped me to stay focused and it has shown me, that whatever obstacle trips you up in life, keep focused on your plan. There will always be others to support you through your journey.

Stay strong.


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