Pickled Veggies/Fruit

It’s that time of year to start making pickled veggies and fruit.

What is considered a fruit?

A fruit has seeds. So, as we think of a tomato, a pickle, a cucumber, squash, pumpkin, being vegetable, they are actually fruit, because it has seeds. Has anyone ever had vegetable pie for dessert? A real pie, not quiche.

Ok, now that we have reviewed the differences between vegetables and fruits we can move along to the recipe.

Pickled Red Onion Recipe

1-Raw Medium Red Onion – Sliced in 3cm half  Circles

1-Cup of white vinegar

2-Tbls sugar

1-teaspoon of kosher salt

Place all ingredients into a 16 ounce mason jar

Shake until the sugar and salt is dissolved.

They will be ready to consume in 30 minutes or place them in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Add them to scrambled eggs, salads, tacos, steaks, deviled eggs, pizza, sandwiches, etc…

They add a nice sweet and tangy crunch to all your foods.

Try this recipes with all your favorite fruits and veggies


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