Wandering Wasps Giant Castle Nest

Wow! Look at this wasp nest. It’s the size of two basketballs.

We are planning on donating the wasp nest to the Aldo Leopold Nature Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

How do you do that, you ask?

Well we need to wait until the first frost. This is when the wasps freeze and it’s safe to remove the nest. What one will hear is wasps popping like pop corn. That’s when you know they are not bolting toward you for blood.

Right now it’s sitting in a tree. The wasps are good for one thing and one thing only…pollination.

The queen wasp is somewhere in the nest.

How did we miss this nest?

Right we did miss it until we found it today looking to trim the trees.

A really nice lady from Honey Bee Ware informed me of the history of wasps. Www.Honeybeeware.com

She is the one who suggested to donate the hive for a display for all to see when visiting the nature center. Www.Aldoleopoldnaturecenter.org

We are so excited about donating the nest to the center.

Happy Autumn everyone!


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