Flowers & Herbs


Roar says the lioness cookie jar!

What do we have in the bowl of water?

Why it’s organic garlic bulbs waiting to be planted in some organic soil for the Summer. Has anyone any idea when Summer is arriving?

How to start a garlic bulb to be planted in organic soil:

Buy some official organic garlic from a well known organic gardener or organic grocer.

Place a small amount of cool warm water in the bottom and place large garlic cloves root side down into the dish.

The garlic bulbs will start to grow roots under the water. It does not take long at all. Every other day place them in new water. Once a root starts to grow start placing them into a tall glass with cool warm water. Only submerge the root, not the whole clove.

Once you have a large root from each bulb, go out and buy organic potting soil and plant them about 4″ apart in a large pot you can keep inside all year.

Garlic usually is ready to pick when all the leave are brown. Garlic blooms in Autumn.

Who loves garlic?

It’s once of the best herbs ever.

Hope this gets your garden going. If you have any questions, ask away.

Happy Friday!

PS May 12, 2018 is mother’s day!