Iced Coffee Recipe

Let’s wake up together and make an Iced Coffee!

What we are going to need is the following:

A Tall Ale Glass

Crushed and Cubed Ice

Almond Milk or Milk of your choice

Ground Coffee, preferably Dark Roast like Wild Jo 

Dark French Roast Organic Ground Coffee

3 Creamer flavors of your choice

Let’s get rolling……… 

Add the cubed ice at the bottom of your ale glass

Then, follow with the crushed ice

Fill the glass up with ice 3/4 of the size of the glass (hope that makes sense)

Add your flavored creamers on top of the ice

Then add, 1/2 cup of almond milk

The glass should be almost filled with about 1-2″ of space left

Grind up your coffee beans using the fine selection of your Cuisinart coffee grinder

Then use a coffee filter to place on top of your glass and add the ground coffee

Hopefully, the water you set on the stove to boil is ready….

Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee grinds until you see the coffee shading and your glass is almost filled to the rim

Once you have your glass full, stir it gently and then consume.

It’s delish!